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Immanentize the Eschaton

“There’s a guy named Joseph Atwill. He wrote a book called Caesar’s Messiah proving that Christianity is a concoction created by Titus Flavius Caesar of Rome to get people to worship Caesar, and pacify the Jews by getting them to turn the other cheek when they get attacked in their own land. The same land that Rome was trying to completely takeover. So, your religion is a myth. There is no Armageddon coming and the Rapture has already taken place in seventy A.D., to the Jews of that time period around a generation or two after the mythical Jesus disappeared. There’s no reason why you should even be doing this,” painfully he yelled.

“Frank, you can’t talk your way out of this one,” replied international financier, Dr. Entrückung von Liechtenstein. His German accent was heavy, although he spoke perfect English, French and Russian too. He stands tall at a slender six foot five and underneath a long white lab coat he was wearing a sparkling white dress shirt tied with a grey Windsor knot tucked into dark grey trousers with black strips. His shirt was layered with a light grey three button vest that had, attached with the chain hanging, a black metal pocket watch with a red upside-down pentagram symbol molded on the top cover. His feet were housed in lace less black loafers.

He continued, “You look ridiculous sitting there strapped in to a dentist’s chair in your ripped tuxedo Frank Nichols. Did you really think I wouldn’t notice you at the party? I know you Mr. Nichols, better than you would imagine. The problem is that, you seem to think you know everything about me, Frank.”

“It was hard at first Count Rietberg! Duke of Troppau and Jägerndorf ! Prince Liechtenstein! Or,…should I just call you,…EL?! You’re not even a real doctor either, but we figured out your scheme and we’re going to stop you,” Frank interrupted, then while scowling his deeply tanned brown face at him, he spit out some blood that was accompanied with a tooth that finally dislodged itself from his upper middle jaw. Dr. Liechtenstein frowned back a cold old white face sprinkled with little wrinkles, grey eyebrows, salt and pepper stubble, and a long straight nose above thin salami lips trying his best not to reveal how shocked he was that Frank knew about EL.

“So, you found him too. Did you? Well aren’t you a clever boy. I prefer if you called me doctor if you don’t mind. It would definitely be to your benefit since I have you confined,” Liechtenstein sarcastically replied then pressed a virtual black button in the shape of a swastika on his smartphone. One of the square black ceiling panels lowers down a black locker with a key code panel all the way to the red glossy floor.

Dr. Liechtenstein approaches the locker walking in his unassuming businessman like manner and says, “If I thought you would spy on me and betray me, like your associate, Tony Dimez did, I would never have hired you to build my private Social Network,” then he enters in 666 to unlock and open it. The top shelf is neatly storing needles, knives, and other various metal instruments including strange looking hooked ones. In the middle of the locker is a small burgundy wooden toped dresser drawer. He opens the drawer and pulls out an all-white metal box and sets it on the wood. There’s a lightning bolt shaped letter S in the middle of the lid. He flips the latch up and opens the box. After reaching his hand in he pulls out a pair of golden knuckles. On each end of each golden knuckle is a taser electrode. At the end closest to the thumb is a button trigger that activates the taser.

“Why not make this easier on yourself Frank. Just join sides with me and Jesus. He’s on his way Frank and when he arrives we will be saved while others will rightfully be destroyed and burn in hell forever. You know Frank,” Liechtenstein puts the knuckles on his left hand then slowly strolls over to Frank’s left side and continues, “I talk with him every day and when he speaks to me he tells me how much closer he’s getting then where he was twenty years ago.”

Frank’s eye lids open wide at the site of the knuckles. He wiggles and squirms a little before settling back.  He looks deep into the doctor’s menacing grey eyes and says, “We know all about your operations EL. We know that you have a ten thousand man rogue army spread across the globe. We know that you’ve been manufacturing and growing programmable life forms from the DNA of real extraterrestrials that crashed in the nineteen forties. We know that you’ve been using a trans-dimensional device to call into our dimension, monstrosities that you let loose on the public to scare them into thinking they are being invaded by Space Aliens. We know that you’ve been using psychotronic sound weapons to manipulate people’s minds into killing others and themselves. O,…,” Frank pauses for a moment, catches his breath, spits out some more blood, then continues, ” and we even know all about the fake Alien invasion that you’ve been planning for the twenty twenty U.S. elections.”

Dr. Liechtenstein pulls a knob downwards on the control unit of the dentist’s chair and Frank tilts backwards into a flatter laying down position. He wiggles and squirms and yells but nothing helps. His chair stops. The sound of electricity sparking back and forth between electrodes crackles and then Liechtenstein laughs manically.

“Frank, you’re going to finish what you started for me,” Liechtenstein states, then he fires up the knuckles and with his left fist punches swiftly and harshly downwards into Frank’s left pectoral. Frank screams out in pain, at the same time the impact of the taser knuckles burns holes through Frank’s tuxedo jacket and shirt and leaves opened wounds that start to bleed amongst smoke floating away in the scent of burnt flesh and Rayon.

“Aaagghhhh,” Frank screams again from the electrocution and bleeding wounds.

“Frank, Jesus loves you and if you would just believe in him I know you would voluntarily support me in my efforts. Just think about how quickly we will get to heaven if we can speed up the Rapture and get Jesus to return in the year twenty twenty. And it won’t just be Jesus, although he will be the leader. It will also be the Jewish Messiah, the twelfth Muslim Imam, the Maitreya Buddha and a small number of other saviors. But we have to produce the necessary conditions and requirements to get him here which include creating a hell here on Earth. It’s not a pretty job, but it has to be done,” Liechtenstein insanely spews his backwards theory at Frank.

Frank is breathing heavy now and the sharp electric pain he felt earlier is now transforming into a dull constantly throbbing pain accompanied by a burning heat. Liechtenstein unhangs the white dentist drill from its sky blue rack and turns it on. At first it slowly starts to rotate flinging small particles of dust and debris. Then it gains speed and the full torturous sound of its turning could dreadfully be heard.

“Never, you sick freak,” Frank projects loudly back through a spraying of slobber, blood and sweat, then, instantly, the lights go out and the rest of the electricity in this small abandoned dentist office fades into obscurity.

“Frank you in here?” a young urban Latino man’s voice rang through the darkness.

“I’m in here Tony! Get me out of here and away from this evil bastard,” Frank replied with eager excitement at the thought of anyone, including his business partner Tony Dimez, coming to help him out.

In the darkness a loud smack to a torso could be heard along with the sounds of electricity crackling and Frank screaming in agony again.

“Frank!” cried out Tony, “I’m coming to get you buddy just hold on.” The sound of Tony’s scurrying footsteps got closer to Frank and Liechtenstein’s ears. Then in the distance a light popped on and it bounced closer and closer to Frank.

The sounds of a metal door squeakily opening and loudly slamming shut briefly floated in the air.

“I think he’s escaping Tony,” laboriously Frank noted through his cracked phlegm filled throat.

Tony found the breaker again and flipped the main power switch. The lights came back on along with the drill. Tony yells, “Frank!” while getting to the chair and turning off the drill. Then Tony unstraps Frank. Frank tries to get up quickly but then falls out of the chair onto the floor and grumbles from pain. Tony assists Frank in standing.

Tires screech outside the building and both men look toward the door where the sound could be faintly heard.

“Thanks Tony,” Frank says then leans against the chair and askes, “Did you see him? Did you see Liechtenstein?”



“Don’t worry boss. We’ll get him soon,” Tony said while putting his head and neck underneath Frank’s left arm and helping him walk out to the abandoned parking lot.


Certitude belongs exclusively to those who only own one encyclopedia.

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