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It’s only Thursday Part 2

Interview day came and Frank found himself in the lobby of a very nice hotel waiting for Mr. Lark. Fifteen minutes passes in a black leather lounge chair, then a tall distinguished older gentleman wearing glasses and a dark blue business suite exited one of the elevators to his right and walked toward Frank. Frank connects his brown eyes to the gentleman’s blue eyes then stands up.

Black Leather lounge chair.

“Mr. Frank Nickels I presume?” he asked as he offered his hand.

Two professionally dressed businessmen respectfully shaking hands over a coffee table.

“Yes that’s me. And you must be Mr. Lark?,” Frank said with a firm grip and shake.

“Yes, its nice to meet you. Here’s a brief rundown of the situation. There is an all Native American Boarding School in River City. You may have seen or heard of it, Herman Indian High School.” Frank politely nodded no. Mr. Lark continued on, “Well, the problem is that there are over 300 Windows 7 workstations, approximately 150 users, 400 students, and only one I.T. Support personnel. It’s simply too much work for one person. The systems are all antiquated and in dire need of maintenance and eventually a complete upgrade to Windows 10 along with Office 365. What you will be doing is assisting the I.T. person there with all of the extra work. How does that sound?”

“Sounds great, I’ll do it.”

After filling out some paperwork Mr. Lark told Frank that he would call the local BIA office, give them his contact info, and they would contact Frank after that. He shook his hand and said, “Thanks for the opportunity,” and then left for home.

Once home, Frank investigated the school. He found some websites that talked about its history. There was one entry found in an internet encyclopedia. It stated that HIHS was originally Paris Indian School and was established in 1892 by the U.S. Government to force assimilation of Native Americans into the mainstream society. The complete complex lay on eighty eight acres of land and consisted of seven dormitory facilities of which three are male, three are female, and one was for transitions. There are also thirteen honor apartments for high achieving students. May third is designated as Indian flower day, to remember those who passed away by decorating the cemetery with flowers and replacing old crosses with new ones.

Old black and white photo of hundreds of Native American Boarding School Students posing for school photo.

The phone rings and it was Frank’s Surveyor, Tony Dimes. “Make sure you have your Team Watch for this job,” Tony said.

*NOTE: A S.T.A.B.L.E. Team Watch is a large black metal SmartWatch coated in solar panel paint that utilizes the human body’s electrical output and solar photons for an energy source. Not only can it be used as a standard watch and a mass storage device that houses stamp sized memory cards of up to 2TBs, it also has special surveillance features like a built in camera with mic attached to an extension cord that can be stretched out, a WIFI, BlueTooth and Magnetic Field Detector, as well as advanced GPS that locks onto clever tracking devices that are near impossible to tell apart from ordinary monetary nickels.

Black SmartWatch displaying the time, date, calories burned, steps taken, and miles walked.

Tony gave Frank more details about the situation. He said that the number of student A.W.O.L.s was much higher than normal. Since it was a boarding school there was one or two student disappearances a year, but this was considered normal. Last semester, there were approximately thirty three student A.W.O.L.s.

Collage of missing Native American Girls.

Tony informed him that the school’s budget was bankrupt because of large amounts of money missing that could never be accounted for, so there was no money for surveillance equipment or cameras. The buildings were antiquated and there have been findings of asbestos, black mold, and diseased filled vermin. Forty employees were laid off last summer and there was a new Principal every year and sometimes there was none at all.

Yellow Street Sign in front of green and brown field stating: Bankruptcy Ahead.

Normally all of these discrepancies would evoke the Federal Government to come investigate and eventually close the school, but it stayed afloat somehow from the donations of neighboring casinos. However, some insiders are very alarmed by this strange new number of disappearances and have contacted a S.T.A.B.L.E. Team.


Certitude belongs exclusively to those who only own one encyclopedia.

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