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Maniac Monday Part 1

So now Frank is in a Dormitory. Everything seems to be in slow motion. The fog is thick and covering everything from the ceiling to the floor. He can hear what sounds to be laughter. Like a little girl’s laugh. It sounds so sweet and reminds him of the times he spent with his niece and a funny book on dogs.

He can barely make out the two front offices on the right side when first entering the dorm. There’s also a large tan double door way on the left that leads into the living room. Frank slowly and carefully makes his way into the living room. It has four big brown couches in a U formation, two beige love seats, an old dark wooden table, a vending machine, and a glass entertainment center with an old forty inch, perhaps original flat screen TV and Blu-ray player underneath. Some people are sitting on the couches and watching the old 90’s College sitcom “A Different World” on TV. It’s hard to make out who they are, but upon further inspection they look like four elder Native American women. Each was wearing a different colored dress with a Native American geometric pattern on it. The elder woman on one end couch wore brown. The woman to her right wore yellow. The next one red and the last one on the opposite end couch was in blue.

“Tracks Down Lost Buffalo, please find our missing calves,” the elder woman in brown said to Frank. At that moment there was an earthquake. The ceiling cracked open and a giant eyeball peered in. The elders were frightened so they strangely moved quickly and leapt off the couches and ran out the other doorway leaving Frank alone staring at the blue iris of the giant eye. Sounds of a slaughterhouse could be heard echoing through the hallways. He can hear baby cows crying and then being killed. At that moment the eye’s internal shape changed from the normal circles that outline the pupil and lens to an upside down pentagram laced with the color red. As he’s standing there, drenched with fear, unable to move, and hypnotized by this monster, its pupil reached out like an extending arm from the ceiling down toward him. There were parts of the ceiling that were dangling and while the upside down pentagram was on its way to get Frank, it burnt up those parts like they were newspaper clippings.

“Beep, beep, beep,” Frank’s phone woke him from this nightmare. He answered loudly, “Get away from me!”

“Frank,….Frank are you alright?”

“Huh…aaaa…yeah. What’s up Tony? What time is it?”

“It’s time for our six o’clock briefing.”

“OK let me get up and I’ll call you back.”

Tony agreed and Frank made a cup of coffee and some cereal. He showered and got ready. After calling Tony back he told him about the ridiculous incidents of last Thursday. He mentioned that Tony should have been able to hear everything since he activated the walkie talkie feature on his Team Watch during the incident. Tony told Frank all he has are some pictures of the Satanic art displays in a glass case that Frank tipped him about.

Damn that sucked. He wandered why the walkie talkie didn’t work. He tested it out right there in his bedroom with Tony and it worked fine. Maybe there’s something about that Technology Room at Herman Indian High School that interfered with the functioning of his watch.

He continued telling Tony about everything, while on his side of the phone he typed a report. He didn’t mention anything to Tony about the things he found in the Dark Corner of the Technology Room. He figured, who would believe him anyway?

After the report was finished Tony started the day’s briefing. Frank thought he would be at least a little skeptical of the events, but he informed him that places like that are the reason why there’s S.T.A.B.L.E. Teams in the first place. He mentioned that today would be Frank’s official first day working at Herman Indian High School, HIHS for short, as the new IT Support Specialist. Last Thursday was just an introduction to the environment. What an introduction it was. He wandered if Phil had recovered yet from his violent encounter.


Certitude belongs exclusively to those who only own one encyclopedia.

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