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Maniac Monday Part 2

At about 7:30 A.M., Frank pulled into the HIHS parking lot and got into a long vehicle line at the gate for clearance to enter. He noticed that across the street there were three churches. One was a Methodist church, another was a Mormon Temple, and the other one was a Catholic Church. He thought more about it and it seemed like they were built like that on purpose to surround the school.

“Good morning Mr. Nickels,” the guard shack man said as he showed him his ID.

“Morning,” Frank replied.

He drove unto the campus and parked. As he got out of his car and started to walk to the administration building he noticed that there were some basketball courts. Some of their backboards had graffiti on it. One had the Wu-Tang Clan’s Method Man symbol on it. Another one had some tagging that was illegible, while another backboard had a red upside down Pentagram on it. Facing the courts he raised his left arm and shaded his eyes as if trying to block the sun a little and had Tony take some pictures remotely with his watch.

Eventually he left the parking lot and started walking to the front of the administration building. On his way he had to walk past the guard shack to get through the other side of the fence. He saw the guard in there sewing the words, ‘Jesus loves you. Everyone else thinks you’re an asshole!’ on a black t-shirt and he was also working on a black diesel trucker’s cap.

Frank laughed a little and continued on. He got to the double doors of the academic building and then walked in. He saw a completely different person at the front desk. This one was another beautiful Native American girl, only this one was lighter skinned and had light brown hair. He walked up to her and told her who he was. She asked to see his ID and said that he needed to sign into the guest book.

He signed the guest book and then went for his wallet which had his driver’s license and FasterTree Consulting ID. He realized that it wasn’t there. He must have left it in the car.

He explained to the front desk girl, “I’m sorry, but I think I left my wallet in my car. I was here last Thursday with Gulliver Webster for a meeting. Later on I spent the rest of the day with Phil McCracken. Would you be able to contact Phil? Maybe he could help verify….”

Before Frank was able to finish telling her his story she picked up the phone, dialed a three digit number, and said, “Please come to the front. Thank you.”

She smiled at him and he smiled back at her. She said, “Please have a seat while you wait.”

He sat down at one of the chairs in the waiting area of the lobby that was close to the entrance door. While sitting there he saw High School kids rushing in and trying to make it to class before the bell rang at 8:05A.M.


Certitude belongs exclusively to those who only own one encyclopedia.

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